Adidas Originals


London, January 2017

Bespoke Installation

The prominent X motif was debuted in 1960, and has become synonymous with the Adidas brand. To re-visit and celebrate the symbol, StudioXAG designed and produced windows and an in-store installation to coincide with the launch of the new XbyO collection.

Inside the Adidas Flagship store, intersecting neon tube lights are suspended from the ceiling, highlighting the collection, which is hung parallel from a rail replicating the neon ‘X’. A screen showing the XbyO documentary film is embedded into a stainless steel floor plinth, which is placed at a junction of two oversized black serrated vinyl.

In the windows, the repetition of the ‘X’ motif continues, product is hung from a two connecting metal rails, with campaign images hung to the side of large illuminated white ‘X’ structures. The store face is wrapped in a bespoke ‘glitch’ graphic, inspired by the campaign imagery.

Photographs courtesy of Melvyn Vincent