Lotte World Mall


Seoul, South Korea, January 2015

Bespoke Installation Shopping Mall

A series of window displays and in-store installations celebrate the opening of Lotte World Mall; the iconic shopping complex located in Seoul,  South Korea.

Exploring the theme ‘Open your Dreams’  the installations bring magical mythical creatures  to life in the mall, in a pastel hued colour palette.
The kinetic window installations feature winged unicorns dancing across the skies and dolphins flying over the clouds. Giant birds and flamingos soar towards the moon while birds and butterflies orchestrate to the distant sounds of music.
Huge hot air balloons made of butterflies float through the instore space and birds burst out of a castle in a cloud carrying music notes in their beaks.

These intricate installations continue throughout all 4 floors of the mall and intertwine with beautiful surreal illustrations by  Olaf Hajek

Photography by lotteworldmall