Adidas Originals


London & Berlin, September 2016

Window Multiple

StudioXAG created two bespoke schemes for the launch of Adidas Originals collaboration with Canadian menswear brand Wings + Horns. Inspired by the considered restraint of Japanese architecture and craftsmanship, the installations focus on manipulating light and shadow, playing with negative space and a feeling of weightlessness.

In the windows, large concrete-effect panels feature lights encased within cast steel boxes, pieces hang from the collection beneath, their profiles casting shadows. The iconic trefoil can also be seen projected along with the garments. Various layers of hand-cut foam create a textured ‘terrain’ underneath the panels, which create a monochromatic landscape.

In-store, product is suspended successively in a cross formation on metal bars, whilst the plinths holding footwear repeat the foam landscape motif, now in a more solid regimented formation.

Photographs courtesy of Melvyn Vincent & Lukas von Roéll