Paris, September 2017

Bespoke Installation

Inspired by Napapijri’s new ‘Superlight Skidoo’ jacket, StudioXAG designed, produced and installed a concept area in their Paris St Germain store which invites shoppers into a cloud-filled experience space.
Customers enter into a ‘cloud space’ which is entirely wrapped in cloud prints and reflective mirror, encouraging people to try on the jacket and take a ‘super light selfie’ floating in the firmament.
Skyline and cloud printed semi-transparent curtains wrap around the space, on one wall ‘Superlight Skidoo’ written in neon lettering which illuminates from beneath the draping.
Bespoke metal rails and transparent acrylic plinths are placed around the area to display product, whilst a suspended lightbox details the product benefits beneath a deconstructed jacket.
In the portrait window, a Skidoo floats above a skyline, attached to a mechanised acrylic ‘balloon’. In its neighbouring window, a block-out vinyl reveals cut-outs that allow pedestrians to peek into the space, drawing in crowds from the street.

Photographs courtesy of Napapijri.