Christian Louboutin


London, Paris, August 2014

Department Store

WINDOWS: To mark the launch of Christian Louboutin Beauté, two Oxford St windows and an in-store pop-up promote the new nail lacquer.

The ‘Loubiville’ window features a rotating ziggurat as the centrepiece showcasing the nail lacquer product on the steps, topped with the iconic fetish Christian Louboutin Ballerina shoe that inspired it. This focal piece is framed by a series of 2d silhouettes of the Loubiville skyline, inspired by the shape of the product.

The ‘factory’ window demonstrates the journey of the nail varnish, from inspiration to reality. A collection of the Ballerina and SoKate shoes march along a conveyor below into a giant hopper, where they are transformed into liquid rouge.

INSTORE: Developed in conjunction with architect Tarek Shamma, the in-store Pop Up showcases the Nail lacquer set within the an abstract cityscape.

The Loubiville skyline is laser-cut in metal and backlit with LED’s which slowly fade throughout the day from white at dawn to red at dusk.
Bespoke cupboards with antique bronze mirror inlay tops representing lakes feature red tasseled keys hanging as handles. Shining Gold highlights and tactile red touches finish the space.


Photography by Sophia Kahlenberg