Christian Louboutin at Selfridges

20 Ans

London, March 2012

Department Store

Five celebratory window displays mark the 20th anniversary of Christian Louboutin, along with a spectacular World of Louboutin inside the Concept Store at Selfridges.

WINDOWS: Designed alongside Christian Louboutin himself, the windows are composed from a series of 2D graphics, each image photographed especially for the project. Exploring symmetry, changing scale, repetition and kaleidoscopic motion, each window focuses on a different form of movement with specially engineered mechanical elements powering the moving graphics whilst also showcasing key product detailing.

INSTORE: Intricate cut out archways frame the entrance into the Concept Store, smaller printed elements fill the Wonder Cabinets, and golden archways display a bespoke collection of Louboutin products.

Some photos courtesy of Andrew Meredith


Shortlisted at the Retail & VM Awards 2012 for ‘Best Store Concept’.